Meet the Biscottis!

Let us create a Mafia takeover of your Venue/Company/Organization!

This original script & musical score showcases interactive comedy theater at it’s finest! We’ll take you places the Sopranos couldn’t even get into! Join the wheelchair-bound Godfather and Head of the Biscotti Crime Family, Don Guiseppe Biscotti, along with the entire Biscotti family including: right-hand man Vito Carbonara,Vito’s demanding ex-wife Margie ‘Marge in Charge’ Vesuvio Carbonara, the Don’s conniving and ambitious niece Carla Cacciatore, family musician Stella ‘Knuckles’ Moncello, FBI Agents Smith & Wesson, and just a guy with No Name, for an evening of interactive mafia activity served up ‘Family Style.’

Play along as the evening progresses, get to know all the family members, and enjoy a good old-fashioned family Italian Dinner. During the evening, patrons will participate in various improv games, such as learning new special ‘skills’ for family survival, how to perform a proper ‘hit’, and perhaps even how to survive FBI surveillance & pressure. There are also a few (optional) songs & serenades along the way, as patrons vie for acceptance & family positions. Who knows, we might even elect a NEW DON (the vote could be fixed!) You might end up a “MADE MAN’ (or woman) if you play your cards right!



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